Dream Day

March 15 was a pretty fantastic day; it was pretty much one of the best days I’ve had since we moved here, and a day I could only dream of having 2 years ago before we left South Carolina. Let my Instagram photos show you!

I had tofu scramble with vegan friends for breakfast at Cup & Saucer right by my apartment. Then I helped them move. All the while, my husband worked at a job where he drives around the city for a living!

Then, I walked to Sweetpea Baking Company to knit and sugar up for the next awesome part of my day.

THEN I went to Food Fight, a vegan grocery store, to get more sugary things.

And at 1pm I went for my appointment with Aron Dubois at Scapegoat Tattoo!

A couple months ago, I offhandedly stated that all I wanted for my birthday and Christmas gifts for the next few years were Scapegoat gift certificates to get more tattoos! Well, Kyle remembered this! When my birthday rolled around, he didn’t get me a gift certificate, but he did tell me I could get a new tattoo for my birthday. I emailed Aron, the artist who did my other tattoo, because I love his art and I wanted something custom done by him. I told him that I wanted either a whale, elephant, or hippo…that he should pick one and design something to permanently scar my arm with. He picked the elephant, which I knew he would based on the stuff he likes to do. I didn’t see the design until I got to Scapegoat the day of and I LOVED it.

It’s pretty swollen there, but it’s mostly healed now. I’m sure I’ll post a better picture soon. Isn’t she beautiful?! I want to name her but don’t know what yet; suggestions are welcome! I never knew I’d be so obsessed with tattoos. Now I already have the whole rest of my arm planned out; I think it’s going to be a sleeve full of big animals! After the elephant, perhaps my whale and hippo, and then maybe a walrus! OR a giraffe! OR a rhino! Any other suggestions on that are welcome, too. :)

In the middle of my getting a tattoo my husband got off work and joined me while I was getting inked. Then we went back to Sweetpea to get real food before going home and relaxing in our awesome apartment.

See what I mean about having such a wonderful day I could only dream of in SC? Vegan food, vegan friends, vegan tattoo?