Ch-Ch-Chugging Along

Happy World Vegan Day! I really should keep up with these things. I also missed making a post about my Veganiversary on September 1st! 3 years! And November is a big month for me and Kyle; November 11 will be 2 years since we left South Carolina, November 16 will be 2 years since we arrived in Portland, and November 19 will be TEN YEARS since Kyle and I started dating. October was a rough month, but November will be great!

The Etsy stuff is coming along well! I’ve made 4 pieces, and I think once I finish the fifth one that I’m working on, I’ll photograph and post them on Etsy, hopefully this weekend. There is a winter farmers market that we heard about that is accepting artists to table there; that gave me the kick in the pants to try and get a lot done by this Sunday on their first weekend open, but the registration process takes longer than that. I think I should have more of a stock before doing something like that anyway, so maybe in a couple months!

Oh! A couple months ago, I made an announcement on Instagram revealing that I had decided to grow my hair out to donate it. I have had a few secret desires the last several years. One, since my hair went curly I’ve wanted to grow it out longer. I keep getting fed up with it and chopping it off so I’ve yet to see it grow past my shoulders and see what it will do. Two, I have this deep desire to shave my head…just once in my life! Three, I think it’d be pretty cool to raise money while I’m doing it.

My first idea was to start a fundraiser that lead up to my cutting the hair off, but most of those are like, “I will cut off my hair if I raise x amount of money.” I’ve already decided I’m cutting mine, so that won’t help. So, once I figure out what organization to donate my hair to, I am going to design a cross stitch to sell wherein all the proceeds from it will go to the organization I donate my hair to.

SO, if anyone has any ideas on an organization I should choose, let me know! I’m not doing Locks of Love; they got a negative rating this year for lying about their income and hair stock. So any other referrals are appreciated!